Pinning Our Way into June

With wedding interest already coming in for 2016, brides are taking full advantage of the long engagement arrangement and taking details into their own hands. Their most praised tool? Pinterest. What is Pinterest you ask? Well according to Wikipedia, it is a web and mobile application company, which operates an eponymous photo sharing website where users can upload, save, sort, and manage images—known as pins—and other media content (e.g., videos and images) through collections known as pinboards. In reality, it’s a source of inspiration and idea for most areas of life, but ESPECIALLY every aspect of the wedding industry. Helping to revamp and recreate all avenues of that Big Day, Pinterest provides endless ideas, visuals, DIYs, and sometimes too many options. Ideal for the modern day creative, brides on a budget (or not), are launched into a million and one ideas for wedding backdrops, invitations, guest favors, and often unrealistic dreams of engagement diamonds. Depending on how detailed you are, or maybe whether you’re type A or B, you can make as many or as few pinboards as you like, picking apart every section of life, wedding, or muscle group exercises.

As for a personal opinion, we at the McDaniel-Tichenor House like to say that all good things come in moderation, including Pinterest. Before getting sucked into the virtual world of “I Do’s,” it’s best to have an idea of what you’re looking for to avoid “Pinterest Stress,” AKA feelings of inadequacy and lack of personal creativity. If you are, or if you know of a friend on their way to the aisle, be sure to reference our MTH pinboards, keeping you full of the latest ideas and wedding trends. Happy Pinning!

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The McDaniel-Tichenor House…The Package Deal

“It’s a tough world out there”… some say. As a well-preserved, historic landmark located in the deep south, it may seem challenging to keep up with the constantly evolving present world of weddings. Not so, here at the McDaniel-Tichenor House. With our new Wedding Packages, we provide the ever-busy bride with a one stop shop. We are able to provide anywhere from as little to as much as each client would like on their way to the alter.

As the average population of those saying “I do” is increasing in age, wedding budget, and dependence on wedding professionals, brides are looking to venues to resemble honeymoon packages: All Inclusive. Well for as rooted in history as we may be, it does not keep us from excelling in today. Here at the McDaniel-Tichenor House if you want venue only, we have venue only. If you want venue, flowers, and rentals only, we have venue, flowers and rental only. And if you want it all, we’ve got it. With the help of many local vendors such as JL Designs, A & R Rentals, Dream Day Occasions, and more, we’ve made your Big Day as easy, and as stress free as possible. While we can’t insure that the bride doesn’t trip down the aisle, we can do everything but.

Get married at the Governor’s Mansion, and we’ll make sure you have the perfect and easiest wedding process as possible, catered specifically to you. Doing your research? Read reviews yourself on or from previously satisfied brides who had their perfect day here at the McDaniel-Tichenor House. You could be next! Call today for more information.



Weddings 2015 Season Opener

Along with the spring (and copious amounts of pollen) in the air, there is also an excited buzz going around here at the McDaniel-Tichenor House! In a short 7 days, we will officially kick off our wedding season with our first wedding of 2015! We are thrilled to have Rhett and Melissa take their vows on the seven acres of the Governor’s Mansion. In a week’s time the house will come alive with mothers of the bride and groom, planners, and caterers scurrying to prepare for their beloved’s special day. Amongst the plethora of perks that follow with having your wedding at the McDaniel-Tichenor House is a free-of-charge Friday set up. That day, the house has an “open door policy” where brides are welcomed and encouraged to bring their wedding team to prep for a smooth and stress-free Big Day! Until then, we’re saying our prayers that “April Showers” remain at bay. While we always keep hope alive, there’s never a lack for a Plan B here at the governor’s mansion. In the case of rain showers and a last minute call to retreat indoors, the MTH day-off team are ready and prepared to move isles and set up parlor seating for immediate family while the rest file in to continue the just-as-beautiful ceremony. Below are sneak peaks into previous brides Big Days! If you want that to be you next, call us at 770-267-5602 today to reserve your 2015 date at the Governor’s Mansion!

3Christie Wedding 2014

Ashley and attendants 2014

Glass wedding